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Building Investment Bridges 
Between China & Europe




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News release: Capricorn Partners & Fusion Partners
join forces
Fusion Partners Private Equity

Smart Capital for Transcontinental Growth

The Capricorn Fusion China Fund aims to deploy smart capital for successful entrepreneurs wishing to scale up their European business in China. Vice versa, the Fund also wishes to invest in successful Chinese entrepreneurs scaling up their business in Europe.
The Fund has €30 million in committed capital and aims to reach its target size of €75 million by raising capital from corporate, financial and institutional investors as well as from private investors.

Joining Forces around a Shared Investment Belief

Fusion Partners was founded by Paul Van Eynde, Wim Heylen and Didier Clerx as a company that manages investments in transcontinental scale-ups between Europe and Asia, with a particular focus on China. Paul has a successful track record at ING in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. Wim and Didier are respectively Executive Chairman and CEO of Heylen Group.
Fusion Partners and Capricorn Partners decided to join forces, leveraging the investment, operational and governance experience of Capricorn Partners whilst preserving Fusion Partners’ entrepreneurial success factors. For more information, we refer to our news release.


“Capricorn Fusion China Fund is a valuable addition to the field of expertise that Capricorn Partners traditionally occupies, and it allows us to broaden the investment universe to European companies in traditional sectors who improve the quality of life for the upcoming Chinese middle class”

Jos B. Peeters
Chairman of the Executive Committee
Capricorn Partners


Our Portfolio

Capricorn Fusion China Fund already made its first investment in China-based Xi’an Thiebaut Pharmaceutical Packaging.
Xi’an Thiebaut produces high quality collapsible aluminum tubes for the pharmaceutical industry. It focuses on clients in China and South East Asia, manufactured with local raw materials and with the newest high-tech equipment imported from Germany.

Our Network Partners

Capricorn Fusion China Fund has a high qualified network in China and Europe to help the companies expand within the specific regions.
Horsten International is a leading consulting company to help businesses set-up their activities in China.